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Urs Weber-Stecher, President


The Swiss Commission of Arbitration and ADR of ICC 

The Swiss Commission of Arbitration and ADR of ICC is the main body of ICC Switzerland responsible for the promotion of ICC Dispute Resolution Services in Switzerland and the coordination of Swiss contributions to the ICC Dispute Resolution activities, mainly in the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR in Paris (the “ICC Arbitration Commission”) and its Task Forces (Art. 2 and 3).


The Swiss Commission of Arbitration and ADR of ICC is entrusted with the following tasks:

  • it is at the disposal of the users of the ICC Rules to facilitate the choice of arbitrators;
  • it informs the members of ICC Switzerland, the parties involved in arbitration proceedings, their counsel and any other interested person about dispute resolution under the auspices of the ICC; 
  • it coordinates the activities of the Swiss Delegates to the ICC Arbitration Commission and its Task Forces; 
  • it comments in the name of ICC Switzerland on proposed modifications to the ICC Arbitration Rules, on the activities of the ICC Arbitration Commission and its Task Forces and on any other questions related to arbitration or mediation; 
  • it assures the necessary coordination with the Swiss authorities (in particular the Federal Office of Justice) and relevant educational institutions (such as Universities offering arbitration courses and the Swiss Arbitration Academy); 
  • it organises on a regular basis events on actual topics in the fields of arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution mechanisms related to new developments in the ICC and the ICC Arbitration Commission and its Task Forces; and
  • it organizes annually a study tour to the ICC Court in Paris in order to facilitate contact between the Swiss arbitration practitioners, the Court and its Secretariat.

The members of the Swiss Commission of Arbitration and ADR of ICC commit themselves to promote arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution mechanisms.


Members of the Swiss Commission of Arbitration and ADR

    • Diana Akikol, Walder Wyss
    • Homayoon Arfazadeh, PYTHON 
    • Dominique Brown-Berset, Brown & Page 
    • Christoph Brunner, Peter & Kim
    • Xavier Favre-Bulle, Lenz & Staehelin 
    • Simon Gabriel, Gabriel Arbitration 
    • Anya George, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd
    • Teresa Giovannini, LALIVE
    • Pierre-Yves Gunter, Bär & Karrer 
    • Philipp Habegger, Habegger Arbitration 
    • Daniel Hochstrasser, Bär & Karrer
    • Radu Ionescu, PMG Consulting Engineers & Economists

    • Laurent Killias, Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law
    • Catherine Anne Kunz, LALIVE
    • John Moetteli, Da Vinci Partners LLC 
    • Christian Oetiker, Vischer AG 
    • Stefanie Pfisterer, Homburger
    • Philippe Preti, Mentha Avocats 
    • Anne-Véronique Schlaepfer, White & Case LLP
    • Michael Schneider, LALIVE 
    • Pierre Tercier, Bureau Professeur Tercier
    • Nathalie Voser, rothorn legal AG
    • Urs Weber-Stecher, President, Weber-Stecher Arbitration
    • Rabab Yasseen, Mentha Avocats 


Members of the ICC Court

  • Diana Akikol, Walder Wyss
  • Laurent Killias, Pestalozzi
  • Daniel Hochstrasser, Bär & Karrer


The Swiss Arbitration Nomination Committee:

  • prepares proposals for nominations of arbitrators pursuant to Art. 13(3) of the ICC Rules 2017 (or as amended after the entry into force of these Organizational Regulations); 
  • performs any other activity related to the work of the ICC and to the ICC Rules that may be assigned to the SNC by amended ICC Arbitration Rules.

The organization of the workflow of the SNC for the proposals for nominations of arbitrators is regulated in a workflow manual established and approved by the Swiss ICC Arbitration Commission (the "SNC Workflow Manual").


Members of the Swiss Arbitration Nomination Committee

  • Urs Weber-Stecher, Weber-Stecher Arbitration
  • Daniel Hochstrasser, Bär & Karrer
  • Homayoon Arfazadeh, PYTHON
  • Anne-Véronique Schläpfer, White & Case LLP


Contact Details

Emmanuelle Benitez de Roux
Swiss Commission of Arbitration and ADR of ICC / Commission suisse d'arbitrage et ADR de l'ICC
Hegibachstrasse 47, 8032 Zurich
Phone +41 44 421 34 50
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


pdf whiteInscription Criteria for Arbitrators

pdf whiteCV for Members of the Swiss commission of Arbitration and ADR

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