To promote high ethical standards in marketing by business self-regulation through the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications Practice and formulate world business positions and initiatives to address government actions that affect marketing and consumer protection.


Projects for 2017-2018

  • Participate in the APEC Committee on Trade and Investment project on common advertising standards and work together with ICC’s global network and partners to advance capacity-building of advertising self-regulation in the APEC region and improve the understanding of responsible marketing and the Consolidated ICC Code.
  • Undertake a review of the Consolidated ICC Code to ensure it remains relevant, future-proof and fit for purpose, including new developments and issues in the market place.
  • Advance Consolidated ICC Code communication efforts on the occasion of the 80th (2017) Anniversary of the Code to underscore the underlying principles of the Code and reaffirm its role as the global reference for effective marketing and advertising self-regulation.
  • Promote awareness of existing policy materials to help companies and policymakers interpret broad Code principles as they might apply to sensitive or rapidly evolving issues such as advertising to children and mobile marketing and actively pursue opportunities to enhance engagement and strengthen self-regulation in developing markets.
  • Carry out a targeted advocacy effort with governments where global legislative initiatives are being considered on labeling and packaging, with a view to educating on the policy impact of these initiatives and the proposed recommendations developed by the cross-commission Task Force on Labelling and Packaging.
  • Develop appropriate guidance with respect to digital and interactive marketing communications across all media and platforms including further guidance for mobile applications that incorporates new technologies such as location, data, non-cookie based tracking and cross-device targeting as a supplement to the existing Resource Guide for Self-Regulation of Online Behavioural Advertising.


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