3 November 2016 in Zurich

Distributorship contracts are the most frequently used contracts to distribute goods in a new or market, foreign country or territory. Small or large producers, importers and exporters must understand the functioning of distribution agreements. This understanding facilitates efficient negotiations, drafting and the conclusion of such agreements. The better understanding of the functioning of distribution is one key to success with the contracting business partners. Identifying the right partner requires more and more due diligence skills.

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ICC Switzerland will organize a seminar on Distribution Law for Practitioners – Use of selected ICC Instruments & Model Contracts on 3 November in Zurich. 


The workshop for suppliers and distributors shall help the practitioners to choose their right partner, identifying the major legal risks and successfully supply the focused markets. Selected ICC publications and instruments are referred as a fruitful source to facilitate distribution.


The workshop is dedicated to importers, product and export managers of small and medium sized companies to receive a survival kit in distribution but also helpful for managers of large companies, to better understand the present legal and compliance issues in distribution notwithstanding their position in the distribution chain.


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