ICC Switzerland, a body of ICC, is an independent association according to Swiss Law. Its office is at economiesuisse, the Swiss Business Federation. Members include international trading companies in particular, international or specialized law firms, chambers of commerce as well as major economic associations.


ICC Switzerland was founded in 1922 by economiesuisse (formerly Vorort), the Swiss Bankers Association and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in France as one of the first ICC chapters.


On behalf of Swiss companies, ICC Switzerland provides access to the activities of the World Business Organization, informs about global economic developments, influences these from a Swiss point of view, and promotes positions taken by the international business community towards Swiss politics. The development and promotion of positions on economic policy occurs in coordination with economiesuisse.



  • ICC Switzerland exclusively appoints Swiss delegates to ICC commissions and coordinates their work
  • ICC Switzerland hosts events on topics within the global activities of ICC
  • ICC Switzerland is the official distributor for ICC publications in Switzerland
  • ICC Switzerland runs the secretariat of the Swiss Commission on Arbitration, and ADR which appoints Swiss arbitratiors in ICC procedures at the International Court of Arbitration
  • ICC Switzerland hosts the Focal Point for the UN Global Compact Network Switzerland
  • ICC Switzerland opens access for Swiss Companies to the World Business Network as well as international Organizations, notably the UN
  • ICC Switzerland voices the views of Swiss Business in global discussions



ICC Switzerland


Hegibachstrasse 47
8032 Zurich


Phone +41 44 421 34 50
Fax +41 44 421 34 88

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