The international challenges remain the same - to promote growth, jobs and investment. We have to accept that the UK and its trade and investment partners are now operating in a new reality. We must urge calm and properly assess the implications for businesses worldwide.

Please note that ICC UK Secretary General Chris Southworth remains available to respond to any questions you may have with regards to the ICC UK response.
Chris Southworth
+44 (0)7976 936238
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A special highlight will be the keynote of our Guest of honour Mr Yonov Frederick Agah, Deputy Secretary General, World Trade Organization WTO.
As one fundamental mission of the world business organization is to help business meet challenges and opportunities of globalization, Philip Kucharski, Chief Operating Officer will present the new ICC projects.

This year, the General Assembly of ICC Switzerland will have a specific focus on the important work of the ICC commissions. ICC Switzerland is a membership-based organization and a strong national representation is essential. Because our Swiss experts in the ICC Commissions are the backbone of our national committee, the meeting will be an occasion for members to have a clearer picture of the actual important topics. Each coordinator will present a specific issue discussed in “his” commission. This will be followed by an interactive discussion with the participants. This shall be a substantive exchange and enable at the same time a better understanding of the ICC Commissions as well as of the substance.

ICC Annual Assembly 2016
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 16:30
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, Mythenquai 50-60, 8022 Zürich

pdfProgramme and Registration Form

Noting the Court’s position as the world’s leading arbitral institution, the release highlights the growing diversity and increasing complexity of ICC arbitration cases in 2015. The release also highlights the disclosure for the first time of gender diversity statistics in relation to the composition of ICC arbitration tribunals.
Switzerland is one of the preferred countries for international arbitrations. In 2015 ICC Switzerland has been invited to nominate sole arbitrators or Chairmen in 28 cases. The Swiss Commission will organize on 1st of July a visit to the ICC Court. The program as well as the registration form are attached. ICC Switzerland will also devote part of its annual meeting to the topic of arbitration on 6th July 2016. Invitations will be sent soon.

ICC Court of Arbitration – Study Tour 2016
30 June - 1 July 2016
pdfProgramme and Invitation


Lange kaum beachtet, nimmt die Debatte um die Juso-Spekulationsinitiative nun doch noch Fahrt auf. An der Podiumsdiskussion von ICC Switzerland im Zürcher Volkshaus haben die Kontrahenten engagiert um die möglichen Auswirkungen der Vorlage gestritten, die am 28. Februar zur Abstimmung kommt.

Je mehr Leute sich an der Preisfindung in einem Markt beteiligen, desto besser funktioniere dieser, ist Rolf Stahel überzeugt. Als Finanzchef der traditionsreichen Winterthurer Baumwollhandelsfirma Reinhart sieht er täglich den ausgleichenden Effekt, den Finanzinvestoren bewirken. Wenn frühmorgens die Spekulanten in den USA noch nicht wach sind, seien die Preise auf dem Weltmarkt viel instabiler.

juso posium4 

7.8.2015 - La Chambre de commerce internationale (ICC) propose dès à présent une offre de formation continue mondiale pour les professionnels d’entreprises internationales. Avec l’ICC Academy, des connaissances spécifiques et pratiques peuvent être acquises en ligne.

L'académie, qui a été établie en coopération avec l'International Enterprise Singapore, offre une variété de cours en ligne dans les domaines «Banking» et le financement du commerce. Vous pouvez choisir entre les cours de base et complémentaires. Le but est d'étendre l'offre de cours dans les domaines de la rédaction de contrats, économie numérique, environnement, énergie et lutte contre la corruption.

Zurich, 24, September 2015

July 17, 2015 - Economic sanctions are increasingly interacting with international business. The lack of a consistent international sanction policy amongst States and international organisations creates a significant element of uncertainty in world trade. Transcending the conclusion and the performance of contract duties, international sanction regulations are increasingly disrupting international dispute resolution and, in particular, international arbitration. The extraterritorial aspect of some sanction regulations, the uncertainty of the legal characterization of foreign sanctions, the debate over the relevant connecting factor between an international arbitration and a particular sanction regulation and the dissonance between international arbitration institutions as to their policy in administering sanction-related proceedings are causing significant concern in international arbitration both to arbitrators and to the parties. While the issue is particularly acute in international commercial arbitration, it is becoming relevant in investment arbitration as well as result of the increasing number of unilateral sanction regulations. 



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